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5 Reasons to look for cyber security solutions in the Pharma Industry

Source: |      Published on: Mar 18, 2023

5 Reasons to look for cyber security solutions in the Pharma Industry

One of the most significant global industries is the pharmaceutical sector, and as digital technology is used more frequently, the need for cybersecurity solutions is growing. Pharma businesses need to be aware of the main cybersecurity dangers in 2023 since they could cost them money and tarnish their reputations. Pharmaceutical organizations may be shielded from dangerous actors with the aid of cyber security solutions, and they can feel secure knowing that their data is safe.

1. Safeguard from the Data Breach

A breach might occur from any direction or as a result of a combination of causes. When you have privileged access to sensitive information, you need to know that your security measures are in place and functioning properly so that you can trust the integrity of the information you deliver to your clients. A bad actor could gain access to your network and utilize it to their advantage or to harm one of your clients.

2. Human Error

Human mistake is one of the most serious cybersecurity hazards that every pharma organization faces. Even if you develop a strong security infrastructure and teach your staff about effective threat mitigation, the majority of data breaches are caused by human mistakes, such as phishing scams and phishing links, impersonating email accounts and attachments, harmful links on webpages, and so on.

3. Public Cloud Reported a Breach

For businesses aiming to maximize efficiency and boost productivity, the cloud is a potent instrument. However, it also has a downside when it comes to safeguarding your data. In actuality, 27% of businesses utilizing the public cloud disclosed a breach in the previous year.

4. Targeting IoT devices

Not just hackers are pursuing your info in the digital age of today. IoT devices including printers, cameras, and lighting fixtures are among the many IoT devices that cybercriminals are targeting to damage your business. Whether you employ a modern IPSec VPN or Access Point or an outdated industrial wireless router, attackers will still discover ways to access your network and critical corporate data through linked devices that are weak points.

5. Ransomware Attack

Malware known as ransomware encrypts files on the victim’s computer and demands money in exchange for the key to unlock them. No matter the cause of the fire loss—whether it’s human error, ransomware infection, hardware failure, or machine failure a ransom may be demanded.


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