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Consider all the data you have on your computer. passwords you use. details of your credit card. the history of your browser.

Imagine someone (or something) going through all of that data and extracting the most important information.

That is a data thief

A type of malicious software called an infostealer seeks to take your private information, which threat attacks can then either sell on the black market or use to conduct other assaults.

What is Infostealer?

A Trojan horse created specifically to harvest data from a system is known as an information stealer (or info stealer). The most popular type of information thief collects login data, such as usernames and passwords, which it then passes to another system by email or a network. Other widespread data thieves, like keyloggers, are made to record user keystrokes, which may divulge private information.

The following are some items that thieves can take and sell for cash: Your account logins can be used to steal past purchases (like your Amazon, Flipkart purchases in Fortnite ) that can then be sold, your account logins can buy new things if you saved your bank card, and your account logins can be sold themselves. Your bank card information can be used directly or resold to others who use your card to make purchases.

Some accounts are individually valuable, such as Instagram or Snapchat accounts with popular handles that may contain photos and documents that could be used for blackmail or to generate other forms of revenue. Accounts are frequently sold in bulk to other cybercrime specialists so they can try to monetize them

In 2014, a large number of famous women had extremely private photos stolen from their iCloud accounts and published, something that has significantly profited some unethical message board and pornography website owners.Companies hit by ransomware increasingly face the prospect of their internal data and intellectual property being published online if they don't pay.

Criminals are inventive, and this is a large, established industry.

Disclaimer: The information is provided solely for general informational and educational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. As a result, before acting on such information, we recommend that you consult with the appropriate professionals.