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Android malware

  Source : |     Matthew Yap |      Published on: May 07, 2023     

New Android malware infects over 620000 users, including Malaysians

If you're the type who tries different apps for your Android device, have an anti-virus app ready. Android malware is real and could give you all sorts of problems if you're not careful. One of them is the recently identified 'Fleckpe' malware.

According to Kaspersky, Flekpe is a subscription trojan that's been around since last year. It was found on 11 image editing apps on the Google Play Store and allegedly infected more than 620000 Android devices. While the malware seemed to target users from Thailand, Kaspersky reported Malaysian victims as well. If you've downloaded any of the apps listed by the source, run an anti-virus app to clean your device.

For your info, subscription trojans will subscribe users to premium services without consent. And it's not done for fun, as the threat actors would gain a share of the subscription fees. If the infected app is a service created by the threat author, they could also keep the entire subscription fee.

If you still don't have an anti-virus app, get one now to prevent your Android device from being infected by malware. And if you're already using one, which one is it? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to TechNave for more news related to mobile devices.


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